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What is your aura and how can you see it?


Best described as an energy field that surrounds the body, all living things including humans, animals and plants have auras.

When you re feeling well in mind, body and spirit your aura will be fresh and bright, it can be different colours at different times in your life, for some people it will be mainly one colour, but for others many differnt colours at any one time.

Your aura can grow or diminish at certain times in life. For example, if you are pregnant, your aura can grow to twice as deep to accommodate the second life force in your body. This is believed to be the basis of the pregnancy “glow” that many women.

When you are feeling unwell, sad or stressed even, your aura can shrink, and will change colour from bright to dull, dusky or grey.

Most people at sometime in their life have thought to themselves, or even said out loud 'get out of my personal space'? have you ever wondered why you are not comfortable with strangers or even some people you know coming into your personal space? Its because they are entering or touching your aura, your auric field.

You will find you are only comfortable with some people entering your aura. Strangers aren’t often welcome. This is why it can feel awkward in a crowded place as people crush together and enter each other’s auras.

It can be uncomfortable for you if people you don’t like step too close into your personal space and touch your aura.

The innocence of animals, babies and children mean they can often enter your aura easily. Their energy field is usually bright, soft and welcoming. Most people will happily hold a child, pet an animal, or let them sit on their lap.

So why does it get tricky with adults? As adults we often have things on our minds, we become more complex, less inoccent even. All of this affects our aura. Sometimes a persons aura is soft and welcoming, other times not so much. When someone is happy their aura is soft, bright and welcoming and you would probably be happy to hug them. When someone is angry their aura will be dark and hard, you probably don't even want to be close to them let alone hug them! This is your subconcious self protecting your own energy.

When you spend a lot of time in close proximity with other people, you often get used to them in your aura. This happens at work and leads to a closeness with those people.

The colours of a persons aura reflect their energy, their thoughts, feelings, wellbeing and even their spiritual awareness. A bright, aura with vibrant colours indicates positivity, good health and vitality. Dark, murky and muddled colours can represent negativity and sickness. The colours in the aura will often appear as blocks, flares, shards or clouds that surround the physical form.

  • Purple - spiritually open and aware.

  • Blue - balanced energy and intuitive abilities.

  • Green - signifies natural healing abilities.

  • Yellow - playful and inquisitive nature.

  • Orange - good health and living life to the full.

  • Red - darker shades suggest self-sufficiency, whilst cloudy red highlights negative energy and repressed anger.

  • Pink - in love.

  • Brown - fear of the unknown.

  • Grey - blocked or stagnant energy, and can also indicate depression.

  • Black - negativity and an unwillingness to forgive.

  • White - highly spiritual people.

  • Silver and gold - a high spiritual vibration.

  • Rainbow - Spiritual teachers, healers and lightworkers typically have colourful rainbow auras.

How to see and feel your aura

In order to be able to see your aura, it's essential that you first earn how to feel it.

Gently rub your hands together to activate your energy. You may feel this as a tingling, vibrating or warm sensation. Place your hands with palms facing each other. Experiment with the feeling of energy by slowing and gently pulling your hands apart and bringing them back together. You will feel a slight resistance, this is your aura. The first few times you try this exercise you will feel this resistance when your hands are close to touching, as you become more practiced you will feel this 'resistance' sooner, when your hands are further apart.

To view your own aura, it's best to hold your hand up to a white or light coloured wall. Adjust your vision and focus on the area just beyond the tips of your fingers or the side of your hand. Allow your vision to go slightly out of focus. Extend your arm as far away as possible so that you can see your whole hand. You will be able to see a fine white 'mist' around your hand. This is the inner aura.

Move your focus slightly further out. Soften your gaze and continue to look at the subtle energy that surrounds you. This exercise requires practice, so don't be disheartened if you're not able to 'see' the colours straight away.

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