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Angel cards, crystal, oracle cards, animal spirit guide  cards and goddess cards


On-Line card readings.

Tuning in using the vibrations of your name, I will draw a card, or cards then send your reading to you via email  

One card reading - This will be a message from spirit and the angels that they want you to hear right now. It could be anything from addressing past issues that are causing you pain, a current situation you need guidance on, re assurance or validation that you are on the right path at this time. 

Three card reading - Past, present and future. How your past is affecting you now and how it’s helped you grow. Validation on where you are now and guidance on a current situation. Your future! What will happen if you stay on the path you are now, should you change that path, will you be where you want to be! You have free will to change your path so can change your future. Spirit and the angels are here to give you guidance. 

Five mixed card reading - past, present and future angel cards plus one animal spirit card and a goddess card. Find out what your spirit animal is and which goddess is working with you at this time. What messages do they have for you?

If they don’t sound quite what you want let me know and I’ll see if I can tailor make something for you. 

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