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Crystals work best when they are cleansed on a regular basis. Ideally once a month.
There are a few methods of cleansing crystals and you should choose the one that suits you best. You may be drawn to one particular approach or find that you prefer to do one method for one crystal and use another method for other types of crystals. You will soon find the technique that suits you.



Water is a very popular way to cleanse crystals as we associate water with washing. Hold the crystal in your hand and put it under running water. Water from a tap, or naturally running water from a stream or brook. You can also cleanse your crystals at the beach by holding them carefully in the sea and allowing the natural waves to cleanse them. In either water method, hold the crystal lightly in the water until if ‘feels’ clean. Trust your intuition. Note - There are some crystals that should not get wet!

Image by Pierre Bamin

Take a bowl of uncooked brown rice and submerge the crystals in it. These crystals can be left overnight in the brown rice.
Discard the rice after cleansing your crystals. Do not eat the rice as it will hold the negativity and don’t keep the rice for another cleansing.

Image by Joyce Toh


Dried Lavender is a great Crystal cleanser. Simply pop your Crystals on to the dried Lavender and leave overnight, the dried Lavender will absorb any unwanted energies that your Crystals have picked up from their environment.

After their overnight cleanse you can sprinkle a few drops of Essential Lavender Oil over your Crystals to give your Crystal a super boost of energy and re charge them back to their full vibrational capacity.

Use this method as often as you feel it’s needed.

Hands in the Soil


In earth cleansing, you bury your crystal in dry ground. This can be done outside if there is no chance of rain, as you must keep the soil dry. You can use a flowerpot in a dry place. Earth cleansing is deep cleansing and it is best done for a period of a full month from the new moon to the next new moon, although it can be a shorter time of a week if this feels good to you.

Image by Magic Bowls


Selenite is a powerful crystal for cleansing and purifying energy. Simply place your crystal on top of a charging log or in a charging bowl overnight.

Image by Marcos Paulo Prado


To cleanse your crystal with smoke, hold the crystal lightly and move it back and forth through the smoke that rises from burning incense. Sage and sandalwood are good for clearing energy. As with water cleansing, hold your crystal in the smoke until it ‘feels’ clean.

Image by Ganapathy Kumar


Moon cleansing is done on the day before, during or after the Full Moon. Place your crystal outside in direct sight of the Moon and leave it overnight or as long as the Moon is visible.
The crystal can be placed for Moon cleansing on a cloudy night and it will still be cleansed. It is best to have the crystal outside and not on a windowsill through glass.

Image by Mayur Gala


Sunlight burns off old energy and refills your crystals with vibrancy and light. Place your crystals in the sunlight for 4 hours or more. Note - Some crystals colour will fade in sunlight.



You can use sound waves and their vibrations to cleanse your crystals. Hold your crystal near a singing bowl so it can feel the vibrations.
Other percussion instruments like a drum or a triangle will clear your crystal as well. Bells are excellent to clear crystals. You can ring a small bell or have a few little bells (finger bells) to clear your crystal.
Take at least five minutes to clear your crystal with sound

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