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Each essential oil has its own properties which give health benefits. Like crystals, Essential oils have so many therapeutic benefits​.

It’s really important that you Speak to a qualified aromatherapist before buying or using any oils at home. (That’s me!) Some oils can cause skin irritation if used incorrectly or can be unsuitable for children, pregnant woman or people with certain conditions.



What is spiritual healing?

Spiritual healers, such as myself, draw the healing energy that is all around us through our bodies and channel it to others.

The source of this energy is a matter of our own particular faith (which does not mean religion). Wherever we, and our clients believe it originates, it is this energy triggers the self-healing function within the person receiving the energies.

We do not use their own energy to heal; we allow themselves to be used as a conduit through which the healing energies flow.

Spiritual Healing is going through some wonderful changes in the 21st century. It is now recognised by the government and NHS as a complimentary.

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