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Its time to take a deep breath

Taking a deep breath or two to relax isn’t a new idea! I’m sure many of you take a few deep breaths when your feeling stressed, anxious or just plain angry!

But, if you switch it up a bit you can make those deep breaths work for you so much quicker, you just need to be intentional.

In an ideal world, when you feel any of these negative emotions or fears you’d be able to wander off, lie down on a bed and do a full on breathing meditation

However, this is real world and you will often need to do this exercise in the workplace or when out and about. You won’t master this immediately, it will take practice. You will however feel the benefit from the first time you do it.

Here’s what you do:

Concentrate on how this emotion is making your body feel. Don’t think about the emotion itself, don’t think about the situation, just recognise how it is making you feel physically. Concentrate on that.

Pop your hand on your tummy.

Breathe in for a beat of four through your nose and feel your tummy fill with air.

Hold that breathe for a beat of four, feel that air wrapping itself around that negative emotion you feel in the pit of your stomach.

Breathe out through your nose for a beat of six. Feel that emotion start to let go and lift up and out of you.

Concentrate on the breath and more of that negative emotion leaving your tummy each time you exhale.

Each time you do this exercise it will take less and less time for that negative emotion to leave.

As you become more practiced at this exercise try to breathe in deeper for longer, hold it for longer and exhale for longer.

Need more help or have questions? Just send pop me a message.

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