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Reading incense smoke

Many people know that you can use incense to aid meditation or to cleanse and purify an environment or simply to make a room smell nice.

But did you know that the smoke can provide insight much like the use of pendulums?

Here’s how to ask a yes or no question.

Before reading the smoke find a quiet place you will not be disturbed. Make sure there are no outside forces that could interfere with the reading such as a draft from a window. You want the air to be as still as possible.

Have an open mind and be ready to accept the good and the bad. Both will lead you to clear answers.

Focus on your question, it’s important to be specific!

For example “will I be successful” is not a specific question. Successful in what?Successful by when? What is successful to you?

A better way to ask this question would be:

“Will my business be earning a steady monthly £2000 net profit by 1st December 2022”

“Will I find love by Christmas?” is not specific.

A better way to ask this question is:

“Will I be in a loving and romantic relationship by 25th December 2022”

Now you have your specific question hold it in your mind and try not to let other thoughts cloud you as they could interfere with the outcome.

These are the best practices to ensure you are interpreting the smoke correctly and build on your divination skills.

Start by concentrating on the question you are seeking an answer to, relax and observe the smoke.

Smoke rising straight up without deviating is “yes”. If the smoke breaks up into uneven pieces or sways left or right, this is interpreted as a definite “no”. Alternatively, if the smoke is breaking up into rings this can mean the situation you are asking about may not turn out as you expected.

Remember, no matter what the answer the smoke gives you still have free will. The answer you receive will be based on the path you are following the moment you ask the question.

If you ask the success question, get a yes answer but the following day decided to sit back and not work the outcome will of course be different .

If you try this be sure to tell me how you get on!

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